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OUR MISSION – is to help you find freedom from pain without invasive surgery or pain medications.

We do this by helping our patients optimize bone health and treating the underlying conditions that cause pain. Dr. James Webb & Associates has helped thousands of patients restore mobility to live stronger and healthier lives.

Dr. James Webb, M.D.

Dr. James Webb is a musculoskeletal radiologist who specializes in osteoporosis treatment and interventional pain management in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Webb started his practice as a clinical radiologist to fill a gap for osteoporosis patients who suffered from vertebral compression fractures. As a fellow at the University of Oklahoma, he was trained to perform kyphoplasty, a safe and effective procedure to fix pain from symptomatic vertebral fractures.

After seeing a near perfect success rate in bone repair and pain reduction with this procedure, he quickly saw a problem. Patients would get their fractures fixed, but the underlying causes for osteoporosis were not being treated.

In 2006, Dr. Webb started what would be the first comprehensive clinic treating vertebral compression fractures and the underlying condition of osteoporosis that causes these fractures. Dr. James Webb & Associates is focused on pain intervention and supporting long-term bone health to reduce patients’ risk for getting fractures in the future.

Dr. James Webb is a Board Certified Radiologist as well as a Clinical Instructor at the OU College of Medicine.

Ashleigh Dugan, CPPM

Ashleigh Dugan, CPPM

Practice Manager

About Ashleigh

Ms. Dugan has more than 15 years in the healthcare industry. She has experience in several specialties, including Diagnostic Radiology, Osteoporosis, Pain Management, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Ms. Dugan joined our practice in 2013. She oversees all aspects of the practice and works closely with the doctors, assisting in all procedures and aspects of patient care. Her leadership in the practice allows us to continually improve and make a difference in our patients lives.

Ms. Dugan attended Collin College in Texas, where she lived until 2010, when she married her husband and moved to the Tulsa area. She has 2 daughters, enjoys traveling, music, and everything outdoors, including riding horses and fishing.

Jenny Guthrie, APRN CBN

Jenny Guthrie, APRN CBN

Nurse Practitioner

About Jenny

Jenny Guthrie received her undergradute degree from ORU in 1996 and her graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2002. Her nursing career started in the ICU at Hillcrest Medical Center. After graduating from OU, she spent 7 years in family practice working with Family Medical Care and the Warren Clinic.

Born in Montana, Jenny grew up in a small town in Missouri. She moved to Tulsa in 1992 and to attend ORU and has been here ever since. She is married to Cliff Guthrie and has a 3 year-old son.

In her words, “I enjoy spending any free time with my family and they are my priority. They are my crew!  Faithful church participation is a priority for us and we are members of LifeChurch-South BA campus. Trips to Colorado are a family tradition and must! And… I am very fond of my Roomba and good coffee!”

Tabitha Janét, RMA R Pbt

Tabitha Janét, RMA R Pbt

Medical Assistant

About Tabitha

Tabitha has been a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist since 2007. She lives in Tulsa, is married and has 2 children.

She loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys playing croquet.

Kayla Lee

Kayla Lee

Patient Coordinator

About Kayla

Kayla was born in Tulsa, but lived in Vancouver, Washington for a time until her mother decided it was “time for us to return to the Oklahoma way of life.”

She’s thankful for that move since she met and married an Oklahoma native, her best friend Shane. Kayla and Shane have a miniature schnauzer named Jeter, “that demands our affections!”  She enjoys watching baseball and is a huge Yankees fan.

The majority of her free time is focused on volunteer education and construction work. Kayla and her husband are very involved in the community, which brings her a lot of joy as they build strong relationships with the people they help and with each other. She also enjoys getting outside and going for a run.

Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris

Medical Assistant

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth obtained her medical certifications from Central Technology Center in Sapulpa.

She grew up in Kellyville and lives in Sand Springs. Elizabeth likes hanging out with friends and family… and spoiling her nephews.

Nancy Murphy

Nancy Murphy

Intake Coordinator

About Nancy

Mrs. Murphy is attending OSU-IT in Okmulgee. She and her husband recently celebrated 32 years of marriage and have 2 children and 1 grandchild. She enjoys traveling, camping, quilting, reading and working in her church.

Reesa Bell

Reesa Bell

Claims Specialist

About Reesa

Reesa lives in south Tulsa with her husband Dave and children – Mayce 7, Tanner 2 & Paisley 6 months.  In her free time she and Dave enjoy taking their RV to the lake and being on the water.

Dave works at Williams as a pipeline controller & also owns a tower crane rental company that keeps him very busy. Reesa enjoys being with family & is a very goal and detail oriented person.

In her words, “I am very devoted also to the people I love! Outside of work I love to make people laugh, host functions at our little ranch hanging out with friends. I also adore shopping for a awesome deal.”

Non-Surgical Pain Relief

Our Unique Approach

We do the best for our patients by following the basic principles that we were taught in medical school. Primarily, that the key to diagnosis is in the history and physical examination. The answer for the cause of a patient’s problem almost always lies in what the patient tells the doctor and what the doctor finds when the examine the patient’s body.  By following these principles, we are often able to find the source of pain, even when others have not.

After that, we employ a systematic approach based on the scientific method, identifying and treating individual components of the patient’s pain. Most spine specialists focus on the intervertebral disc, presuming that a torn, bulging or herniated disc is the main source of the patient’s symptoms. For the patient we see, the pain is usually caused by multiple problems including the facet joints, the vertebral bodies, posterior elements, sacroiliac joints, muscles and other soft tissues in addition to the disc. We don’t just treat the disc, we treat the patient.

We believe that treating a patient should start with arriving at a diagnosis. This involves analyzing all the available data from the history, the exam, imaging studies and synthesizing it into a cohesive, logical explanation for the patient’s problem. Once a rational diagnosis is made, treatment can begin.

Many times, a patient may go to a specialist who asks the question is “Does this patient need spine surgery?”  What we try to do is get to the root cause of the patient’s pain and find out what is wrong with them – not to focus whether or not they are a candidate for a particular procedure. Back pain is a leading cause of disability. Back surgery takes months to recover from, leaves a huge scar and metal in your back. We generally see the patients that surgery didn’t help.

Insurance Accepted

United HealthCare

Coventry / First Health
Physicians Mutual


Currently we are out of network with BCBS and Community Care. We will still file your claims, but cannot guarantee payment. Check your plan for out of network benefits.


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