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Osteoporosis Back Fracture Repair in TulsaYears ago, Dr. Webb treated a patient with a vertebral compression fracture for a 74-year old female.

Interestingly, this patient worked at a factory in Mannford, Oklahoma where she assembled the same type of spinal surgical kits used in the procedure to treat her back.

She had osteoporosis, after lifting something heavy, she felt her back give, saying, “I knew I had fractured something right away.”

Her primary provider prescribed pain medication and bed rest, but the pain did not subside.

She then visited Dr. James Webb for an MRI.

Her vertebrae, as Dr. Webb put it, “looked like a brick that had been smashed with a sledgehammer.”

Dr. Webb performed a minimally invasive procedure on her back, using the same surgical tools her factory assembled, to stabilize the bone structure and inject bone cement into her vertebrae.

Within days, her pain dropped from an excruciating 10 to an acceptable three, and she was able to go back to work.

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